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Bulgaria Spa & Wellness Resorts 
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Bulgaria boasts the unique opportunity to enjoy both a spa & wellness programs and exploration culture trips. It is one of the world's richest countries in natural mineral water springs, spread widely and used since ancient times by Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Slavs and Bulgarians. The old European civilizations appreciated the healing properties of the hot springs and they became famous among legendary heroes, powerful emperors and common people.  

The Bulgarian Spa and Wellness Resorts offer you real spas with genuine mineral water with a variety of curative and relaxing characteristics which has nothing to do with artificially warmed up pools of tap water. This natural resource is now combined with modern hotel facilities and highly qualified personnel. A variety of first class essential oils, rose petals, algae and minerals are added to enhance the effect of the healing waters and give full pleasure to your senses. The excellent value for money will also encourage you to visit us. 

We suggest you several anti-stress, relaxation, weight reduction, beauty and therapeutic  programs in: 

Sandanski - home land of Spartacus, the legendary Roman gladiator - the best European asthma resort, recommended for the treatment of  respiratory diseases, osteoporosis and locomotory system. 

Velingrad - Rhodope mountain home of Orpheus, the legendary Thracian musician - specialized in the treatment of gynaecological, cardio-vascular, peripheral nervous system diseases and diabetes.

Hissar (Hissaria) - Roman emperor Diocletian favorite spa - profiled in the treatment of kidney, urological, liver and gall-bladder diseases. 

Devin - old Bulgarian town in the Rhodope mountain -  favorite for the treatment of arthritis, osteoporosis, neuritis and metabolic diseases (obesitas)

Pomorie - ancient Greek colony Anhialo - the only mud-curing resort in Bulgaria for treatment of arthritis, sterility and dermatitis. 


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