International Fairs and Exhibitions  - Bulgaria, Sofia and Plovdiv

Bulgarian international Fairs and Exhibitions in Plovdiv and Sofia which are worth visiting and creating and strengthening successful business relations. Book your hotel or excursion, or select a special interest tour.


Fair / Exhibition



Banks, Investment, Money

Plovdiv Intl. Fair 15 Feb - 17 Feb

Vinaria: Vine-growing, Wine-producing, Wine Festival

Plovdiv Intl. Fair 15 Feb - 18 Feb

Agra: Agricultural Exhibition

Plovdiv Intl. Fair 21 Feb - 25 Feb

Nature, Hunting, Fishing

Plovdiv Intl. Fair 29 Mar - 02 Apr
Salon International Hair & Beauty Exhibition Plovdiv Intl. Fair 30 Mar - 02 Apr
Expo Printing and Packing Expo Sofia 05 Apr - 08 Apr
International Education Fair Plovdiv Intl. Fair 07 Apr - 09 Apr
Hunting, Fishing, Sports and Outdoor Activities Expo Sofia 05 Apr - 09 Apr
International Spring Fair: Foodtech, Textile mode, Cosmetics, Furniture, Housetech, Chemicals, Jewelry Plovdiv Intl. Fair 08 May - 13 May
Bulmedica, Buldental, Orthopaedy, Rehabilitation: medical and dental equipment Expo Sofia 09 May - 12 May
Real Estate Expo Expo Sofia 27 Apr - 29 Apr
Expo Energy, Expo Light, Electro tech Expo Sofia 30 May - 02 Jun
Business Guard: Business Security Forum Plovdiv Intl. Fair 02 Jun - 03 Jun
Impression: Arts Fair and Intl. Contest for Fair Posters  Plovdiv Intl. Fair 05 Jun - 11 Jun
Printcom: Exhibition for Printing Communications Plovdiv Intl. Fair 06 Jun - 10 Jun
Motor Show Expo Sofia 09 Jun - 18 Jun
Safety and Security Expo Sofia 12 Sep - 14 Sep
International Autumn Fair: Info tech, PC World, Electro tech, Auto tech, Machinery, Building tech, Chemicals, Eneco-energy, Automobile Salon Plovdiv Intl. Fair 25 Sep- 01 Oct
BGate: Balkan Apparel and Textile Expo Sofia 05 Oct - 07 Oct
CA.CI.B: Dogs Exhibition Plovdiv Intl. Fair 28 Oct - 29 Oct
SIHRE: Hotel and Restaurant Equipment Expo Sofia 12 Oct - 15 Oct
Medicus, Dento, Galenia: medical, dental equipment pharmaceuticals Plovdiv Intl. Fair 18 Oct - 21 Oct
BAIT Expo: IT, computers Expo Sofia 31 Oct - 10 Nov
Roma World: crafts, culture Plovdiv Intl. Fair 02 Nov - 05 Nov
Salon de Vin, World of Milk, Interfood, Interdrink Expo Sofia 15 Nov - 18 Nov

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